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Flyovers No More, Welcome to the Silicon Prairie


There’s a new moneymaker on the High Plains, reports CBS news. It’s not a crop you plow or an animal you butcher. The new cash crop is technology. In fact, there’s been quite an explosion of startup software companies in the heartland recently. Some are calling it the "Silicon Prairie," and it's remaking cities from Des Moines to Kansas City to Lincoln.

Many startups are relocating just to be part of this new idea. The owner of one tech company that just relocated to Nebraska put it simply: “We could just be another startup on the West Coast, another startup in the valley. Or we could be part of this movement.”

Another reason: Everything's cheaper on the High Plains. For example, a home in San Francisco sells for an average of $1.1 million. In Lincoln, Nebraska, a home goes for about $158,000.