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The New Kansas Bumper Crop Is . . . A Crustacean?

The Wichita Eagle

Tthere’s a new type of animal being raised on the Kansas plains, and it’s a bit smaller than cattle or even chickens. You might actually say it’s shrimpier. After the death of his father in 2012, Kansas farmer Bob Daniels decided it was time for a career change, reports Kansas.com. So, as any sensible agriculturist would do, he decided to start a shrimp farm. If all goes according to plan, the Sunflower Shrimp farm just south of Oxford could be open for business as soon as July.

The family-run operation will provide a tightly isolated environment for the shrimp to grow. Daniels says he can actually grow a higher density of shrimp than what would grow in the ocean.

His 40-by-90-foot facility is a high-tech operation, with a mechanical room, boiler and laboratory area. So, the next time you order a shrimp cocktail on the High Plains, the seafood may be more local than you ever imagined.