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As the Big Boys Struggle, Many Small Town Newspapers Thrive

Rural Blog

In a world where we often feel like international events and information overload might overtake our lives, the small town paper remains a trusted source for news on the people and events in our local lives. While we hear a lot of doom and gloom about major newspapers in big cities going out of business, many rural newspapers have managed to stay afloat.

Technology is one key to success in a small market, notes The Rural Blog. Small-town newspapers are able to focus on the little details that bigger operations don’t have the time or manpower to uncover. Facebook and other social media platforms can enable small papers to track down locals in the know.

Doug Caldwell, publisher of the Petoskey News-Review in Michigan, explains: “Our readership recognizes the value of the local newspaper. We are the cheerleader, guardian and watchdog all rolled into one.”