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Study Reveals Best and Worst States for Underpriveleged Children


The U.S. is unrivaled worldwide in power and prosperity. Despite this fact, the U.S. has the ninth highest rate of child poverty among economically developed nations.

Nearly one in five American children live in poverty. The personal finance website Wallethub recently determined which states are the best and worst for underprivileged children.

New Hampshire was found to be the best state in the nation for poor children, and the District of Columbia falls at the bottom of the list, just below Mississippi.

Nebraska was the only state in the HPPR listening area to make the top ten, landing at number nine. But Kansas, at number 12, isn’t far behind, and Colorado is in the top half at number 20. Texas falls right in the middle, at number 25. Oklahoma lands near the bottom, at number 42.

Wallethub studied 16 key metrics, ranging from “infant-mortality rate” to “child food-insecurity rate” to “percentage of maltreated children.”

Source: WalletHub