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Study: Rural Americans are more likely to own a home, less likely to have a degree

Royal Broil
Creative Commons

A new report from the Census Bureau is shining a light on America’s rural-urban divide, the focus of much discussion and attention since the election of Donald Trump.

As US News and World Report notes, the new study offers a numbers-driven, county-level glimpse into the disparity between city and countryside.

According to the data, rural Americans are more likely to own a home than their urban counterparts. In fact, 81 percent of rural adults are homeowners, compared with only 60 percent of urban dwellers. Rural citizens are also far less likely to have earned a college degree than those in cities. Fewer than one in five small-town Americans has a bachelor’s degree. That’s compared with almost one out of three urban citizens. Rural Americans were also found to be more likely to have served in the armed forces than urban dwellers.

Meanwhile, the migration to the cities continues. Fewer than one in five Americans now live in a rural area.