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Texas editorial implores Trump not to damage trade with Mexico

Wikimedia Commons

The Dallas Morning News has written an appeal to President Trump, urging him not to cut off Texas’s economic contact with its neighbor to the south.

The editorial noted that Mexico is one of the key reasons the Lone Star State’s economy has been strong in recent years. And, the editors stated, threatening a trade war over the building of a border wall will hurt Texas more than any other state.

In 2015, Texas exported almost $100 billion worth of goods to Mexico. That’s more than the state exported to the next 10 countries combined. And perhaps most impressively, export businesses support over one million jobs in the Lone Star State. If those jobs go away, or if Mexico imposes a heavy tariff on Texas imports, Texans lose.

James Hollifield, a political science professor at Southern Methodist University told the Dallas paper the Texas economy “stands to be hit hard by Trump’s policies.”