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HPPR States Fail Gender-Equality Test


When it comes to gender equality, the United States doesn’t even rank among the top 40 countries of the world. In fact, in the recent rankings, the U.S. has fallen from number 28 to number 45. Within the U.S., some states are doing better than others to remedy the problem.

The personal finance website Wallethub has published a list of the best and worst states for gender equality. And the news isn’t good for the High Plains.

Among states in the HPPR listening area, only Nebraska is in the top half of states when it comes to treating women fairly. The Cornhusker State landed at number 21. The rest of the HPPR states fell into the bottom 25%. Kansas was ranked number 39, and Colorado was right behind at number 40. Oklahoma ranks number 45 in the nation, while Texas is near the very bottom, at number 48.

Hawaii was found to be the best state for gender equality. Utah had the worst showing among all states.

Source: WalletHub