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Massive Amazon Wind Farm Opens In West Texas

Flickr Creative Commons

Amazon’s largest wind farm to date is up and running in West Texas, reports Engadget.com.

Known as Amazon Wind Farm Texas, the wind energy operation is located in Scurry County, near Snyder, Texas.

The entire operation includes over 100 turbines and will generate enough clean energy to power more than 330,000 homes. Amazon plans to take whatever energy it needs from the farm, then sell the rest to the state’s energy users.

Amazon has expressed a goal of eventually running the company’s entire operation on sustainable energy.

The announcement comes in the wake of criticism by the environmental group Greenpeace, who recently slammed Amazon for keeping much of its energy usage and environmental practices a secret.

The new West Texas wind farm is the 18th for Amazon and the online retail giant has 35 more wind operations in the works.