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Why Can’t You Buy Booze And Cars On Sunday in Texas?

Roy Luck
Flickr Creative Commons

If you live in Texas, you might have wondered why you can’t purchase liquor or buy a car on Sunday.

According to The Texas Tribune, these prohibitions are some of the last remnants of the so-called “Blue Laws” in the Lone Star State. These laws have actually been on the books since before Texas—or even the United States—was founded.

The purpose of the laws was to encourage citizens to focus on church and resting on what was widely considered to be the Lord’s Day.

In Texas, most of the Blue Laws were abolished in 1985. But the liquor and car sales prohibitions remained.

However, the ban on Sunday booze may be changing soon. The Texas Senate’s Business and Commerce Committee is currently considering a bill that would lift the Sunday liquor law.

But if you want to buy a car on Sunday in Texas, it appears you’ll be out of luck for the foreseeable future.