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Across The High Plains, Wind Is The Least Expensive Source Of Energy

UT Energy Institute

Wind power remains the least expensive way to generate electricity in almost every county in the High Plains listening region.

In fact, according to a map published Tuesday in the Dallas Morning News, wind is king across a wide swath of the middle part of the U.S., ranging from the Big Bend area all the way up to the Dakotas and the Canadian border.

In Kansas, wind is the cheapest source of power for every single county in the state. Colorado, it appears, would do well to stick with solar for now, as that is the least expensive way to gather electricity in the Centennial State. In the eastern half of Oklahoma, natural gas is still cheaper than wind. And Texas is split between natural gas, wind and solar.

In most of Texas, however, natural gas remains the top source of power, bringing in 45 % of the electricity. Coal is still responsible for a quarter of the power generation in Texas, with wind only supplying around 18%.