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Recent Survey Says Most Texans Believe in Global Warming


800 Texans were surveyed in a recent Yale Project on climate change.  Most believe global warming is happening according to a recent article by the Texas Tribune.  

Here’s the survey results:

  • 70 % believe that global warming is happening
  • 14% believe the earth is not warming
  • 44% identified humans as the root cause of a shifting climate
  • 31% said natural environmental changes are mostly to blame
  • 11% said a combination of the factors are driving the warming trend
  • 17% are “very worried” about global warming
  • 37% are “somewhat worried”
  • More than half said the phenomenon should be a “high” or “very high” priority for Congress and President Obama.

Anthony Leiserowitz, director of Yale Project, said the results show that “many Texans have connected the dots between climate change and extreme weather, and believe that it will increasingly impact the state over time.”
The researchers conducted the survey over landlines and cell phones.  The survey has a +/- 3 percentage point margin of error.