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Texans Eagerly Await Ruling in Groundwater Case

Texas Tribune

Arecent case in Texaspitted landowners against government officials in charge of the Central Texas reservoir known as the Edwards Aquifer. A jury is expected to announce damages soon,reports member station KUT.The case could have repercussions for High Plains landowners by showing how Texas water will be regulated in in the future.

The case involves a Central Texas family who owns a pecan orchard. The Edwards Aquifer Authority told the family to curtail the water they used for their trees. The family sued, saying the authority was infringing on their private property rights. Texas courts agreed.

The jury will now decide how much the Edwards Aquifer Authority owes the family. Now other landowners are watching to see how much they can be compensated if their property has been infringed upon by the government. The stakes are high, as cities look to tap more groundwater.