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In Oklahoma, Quake Victims Demand Help


Oklahoma’s earthquake victims have joined forces, and now they’re demanding action from their lawmakers.

As KFOR reports, last week, a group of homeowners  who have been terrorized by the quakes gathered at the state capitol, asking to be heard.

Lisa Griggs is one such victim. Her Guthrie home required 106-thousand dollars in repairs after it was struck by tremors. Pawnee’s town square has been rattled repeatedly. The town’s mayor spoke at the capitol, pointing out that the state has only paid out $24,000 total to all earthquake victims combined.

Representative Richard Morrissette spoke at the protest, noting that he has always been a supporter of the oil and gas industry. “But,” he added, “It's an irresponsible way in which some of these companies have chosen to ignore the science.” Morrissette said he’d like to see oil and gas companies set up a fund to reimburse homeowners with earthquake damage.