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The Dragon Claw air rifle for hunting with propelled arrows

Luke Clayton

Luke's Dragon Claw 50+caliber air rifle shoots not only 50-caliber round balls and pellets but also the Air Bolt, which is an arrow.

The Dragon Claw is pressured to about 3,000 psi via a scuba or carbon fiber tank and provides multiple shots on each filling. There is a low and high power setting. Low power works great for many shots when target shooting but when hunting big game such as wild hogs or exotics, the high power setting is recommended.

The settings are achieved when the cocking bolt is pulled back - stop at the first "click" or notch and it's on low power, pull the bolt all the way back and the Dragon Claw is on the more powerful setting..

Listen to this week's show for much more about this gun, which can be fuond at www.pyramidair.com.