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Protest camp assembles around controversial West Texas pipeline


Protesters have been amassing in West Texas, down near Big Bend, to challenge the construction of yet another oil pipeline.

As FuelFix.com reports, the activists are setting up to oppose the Trans-Pecos Pipeline. The protest camp is made up of a combination of environmentalists and ranchers who own the land where the pipeline is being built. The pipeline is being constructed by Energy Transfer Partners, an outfit in Dallas.

As many as fifty protesters have been staying at the site, which is gaining national attention because of the controversy surrounding the Dakota Access and Keystone Pipeline.

President Obama had stalled those pipelines after massive protests and blowback from civil rights and environmental groups. But in his first week in office, President Trump reopened Keystone and Dakota Access, fueling outrage from the left. Trump’s Executive Actions seem to only have emboldened the protesters in the Big Bend Ranch State Park.