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What to do when High Plains animals attack

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Spring is approaching, and that means dangerous High Plains animals will be out on the prowl. The Houston Chronicle has published a helpful guide to know what to do in case of trouble.

If you encounter a wild boar, remain calm and move away slowly. If the boar attacks, climb at least six feet off the ground. If you can’t climb, try to stay on your feet.

If you come across a cougar, maintain eye contact and try to seem bigger than you are, as you slowly move to safer territory.

If you hear a rattlesnake, freeze. Try to assess where the rattle is coming from. If possible, try to put something between you and the snake, like a walking stick. The snake may go for the stick first. If bitten, remain calm and wash the wound. Then seek immediate medical attention.

Finally, if you’re attacked by a bee swarm, run. You may have to go up to a half mile to break free of the swarm. Afterward, remove the stingers or they’ll continue to produce venom.