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Kansas To Conduct Deer Study; Black Bear Population In Kansas Expected To Grow Over Next Few Years


Whitetail and mule deer in Kansas are being outfitted with tracking collars as part of a study to track the types of habitat they prefer, survival rates and the main causes of mortality.

As The Wichita Eagle reports, Levi Jaster, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism big program coordinator said those deer, with global positioning system tracking collars, will be part of the most comprehensive deer study in the state.

Jaster said they want to know how many deer are dying and from what causes, including hunting, as well as the impact that deer/vehicle collisions have on their populations. They also hope to determine what types of habitat does prefer when having fawns.

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Speaking of wildlife, experts are anticipating to see an increase in the wild black bear population in Kansas.

According to The Wichita Eagle, experts have seen an increasing number of black bears in Missouri and Oklahoma and agree that enough could eventually cross state lines to create a permanent population in Kansas.