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Texas Hot Air Balloonists Say They Won’t Offer Pig Shooting

Tomas Castelazo
Wikimedia Commons

A new law in Texas would allow hunters to shoot feral hogs and coyotes from hot air balloons. But now, balloonists in the Lone Star State are refusing to offer the opportunity to participate in the activity, citing logistical problems.

The Texas Tribune recently spoke with many balloonists and insurers across the state, and they all said they hadn’t heard of anyone planning to hunt hogs from hot air balloons.

Pat Cannon, spokesman for the Balloon Federation of America, said he hasn't received any phone calls from people asking to hunt animals from balloons. He added, “I think that people have not stopped laughing yet.”

Steve Lightfoot, a spokesman for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, confirmed that the agency has not granted any of the permits needed for hot air balloon hunting.

Likewise Rob Schantz, who heads one of the country's few balloon insurance agencies, said his agency will not offer coverage for aerial hunting.