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Colorado Feedlot Being Sued For Dead Fish

CCO Creative Commons

An eastern Colorado feedlot is being sued by Colorado that claims cow manure is to blame for killing thousands of fish, but the feedlot takes issue with some of the state’s claims.

As Colorado Public Radio reports, many of the over 100 feedlots in Colorado are located near waterways and environmentalists are concerned with historic rain events becoming more common, that manure will find its way into streams and groundwater.

Such a situation has become a legal drama for 5 Star Feedlot in Bethune, Colorado, which is being sued by Colorado for allegations that it killed nearly 15,000 fish in the South Fork of the Republican River. Kansas officials estimate over 200,000 additional fish may have died across the state line.

Officials blame illegal discharge of wastewater from the feedlot, but the feedlot’s manager disputes the state’s claims that the fish kill was caused by an eroded retaining pond wall.

A judge in Yuma County is set to hear the case in February 2018.