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Oklahoma Bison Herd Purchased By Native Tribes

Tony Fischer Photography
Flickr Creative Commons

A couple of weeks ago, HPPR reported on a herd of buffalo the state of Oklahoma had put up for auction.

The herd, consisting of around 60 head of bison, was located at Foss State Park, near Elk City, about 90 miles west of Oklahoma City. The animals were being auctioned on the state of Oklahoma’s surplus auction site.

Now, reports The Oklahoman, it appears those bison will remain in Oklahoma. The animals went to the highest bidder, the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes of Oklahoma, who have worked for decades to reintroduce buffalo to what was once part of their native habitat. The tribes purchased the bison for just over $88,000.

The goal of the purchase, said a tribal spokesman, is to promote genetic diversity within the tribe’s bison herd, in order “to have a good breeding stock for the longevity of the species.”

Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department officials said they were excited for the tribes to take possession of the herds.