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Texas Power Grid Weathers Record Summer Heat

Public Domain via PXhere

This summer, Texas has broken records for heat levels and electricity. The summer has been the second hottest on record and still may become the hottest ever if temperatures rise again in August.

However, as The Houston Chronicle reports, the state’s power grid continued chugging along through the brutal heat. A spokesperson for the Electric Reliability Council of Texas said the agency had foreseen the heat and took steps to ensure it had enough supply.

ERCOT cranked up power plant usage throughout the summer, during peak demand periods, and this prevented the agency from having to issue pleas to consumers and businesses to conserve power. +While Texas avoided power outages this summer, the silver lining may come attached to a dark cloud. As global warming continues to take its toll, many Texans remain blissfully unaware of the yearly strains on the power grid.