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Test post: Oil and gas


The Colorado Supreme Court has rejected a request to reconsider its ruling that oil and gas regulators don't have to make health and environmental protection their top priority.

The rejection was dated Monday and offered no explanation.

As the Associated Press reports, the plaintiffs in the oil and gas lawsuit, who include Hispanics and Native Americans, hoped for stronger health and environmental rules. They asked the justices to revisit their ruling, arguing that it was partially based on an opinion written by a lower court judge who resigned after allegedly using a slur.

State Court of Appeals Laurie Booras resigned after a disciplinary panel said she used racial slurs and demeaning language to describe a Hispanic judge and a Native American woman.

In other news, Colorado Senate Democrats rejected a GOP proposal to reduce Colorado’s individual income tax rate.

As the Associated Press Reports, It called for reducing the tax rate from 4.63 percent to 4.49 percent.