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Growing on the High Plains: 2021 Seed Catalogs—Part Two


Today's Growing on the High Plains continues our look at the most exciting time for gardeners experiencing a bit of Spring fever. As the mail is delivered in March, it often means seed catalogs find their way into our eager hands. Today we'll discuss a couple that I've enjoyed for years: my Vermont Bean Seed booklet and the Jung Seed Company, which handles nine catalogs of tried-and-true seeds and has been in business since 1907. Whether you prefer to order online or if you keep it "old school" like me by punching the 800 number, these seed copmanies have a great inventory and helpful staff, so fingers crossed that your desired seeds are still in stock. Since the pandemic, it seems that many households have seen a renewed interest in growing food—which is great! There's nothing like getting your hands deep in the ground to take your mind off of life's many anxieties. Here's to a successful planting season, and be sure to share your stories with me as you dig in!