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Abuse Charges Call into Question Kansas Same-Sex Adoption Ruling

Andy Marso
Kaiser Health Institute

The rights of same-sex parents in Kansas have been spotlighted again this week, reports the Kansas Health Institute. Last year a child was taken from a lesbian couple, two social workers who had raised the girl since she was five days old. The couple had no other children, and they were heartbroken when they were denied parental rights.

Young Isabella was given to Topeka Councilman Jonathan Schumm and his wife, who keep 16 children in a 2,200-square-foot home. But now the Schumms have been arrested and charged with multiple counts of child abuse.

As a result, a Wichita lawmaker has requested an audit of the Department for Children and Families, reports The Topeka Capital-Journal.Rep. Jim Ward said the primary goal of DCF should be to protect “the most vulnerable.” He accused the department of pursuing what he called a “hate agenda” instead.