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Texas Hispanic Voters Ask SCOTUS to Block Voter ID Law

John Moore
Getty Images/Guardian

Last week a group of Hispanic voters urged the United States Supreme Court to block Texas from enforcing its voter ID law, says NBC News.  Lawyers for the League of United Latin American Citizens were joined by one of the state’s Democratic lawmakers, Rep. Marc Veasy of Fort Worth. The legislation requires a photo ID to vote but limits the permissible forms of identification. Critics claim that the types of accepted IDs encourage Republican voters and discourage Democratic voters. College IDs, for example, are not accepted. But gun licenses are.

The law was passed in 2011 and has been the subject of relentless court challenges ever since. Two years ago a federal judge struck the law down. But a federal appeals court blocked that order, and the law is currently being enforced.

In striking the law down, the federal judge said the ruling disproportionately affects Hispanic and African-American voters.