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Most Nebraskans Oppose LGBT Discrimination, But the Trend Hasn't Reached the Legislature

Wikimedia Commons

New evidence suggests Nebraska is breaking some stereotypes when it comes to Red State social issues. According to NetNebraska.org, a recent survey found that three out of four Nebraskans favor laws protecting lesbians and gays from job discrimination. That includes almost 70 percent of rural Nebraskans, who are traditionally thought to oppose gay rights. Still, urban Nebraskans were found to be slightly more supportive of anti-discrimination laws.

However, despite the opposition of everyday Nebraskans to LGBT discrimination, the trend has not yet reached the statehouse. On Wednesday, lawmakers in the Nebraska legislature killed LB 586. The proposed legislation would have prohibited LGBT discrimination in the workplace.

But Professor Emily Kazyak of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln insists public opinion polls matter. “I think it is important to actually have data of what do Nebraskans actually believe,” she said.