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How Do Lame-Duck Texas Politicians Spend Their Remaining Campaign Money?

Marjorie Kamys Cotera
Texas Tribune

When Texas lawmakers leave office, they often have a sizable amount of money still sitting in their campaign war chests. What they choose to do with that money can vary widely, reports The Texas Tribune. For example, Sen. Kevin Eltife, who is not seeking re-election, had well over a million at the end of last year. And Rep. John Otto of Dayton, who announced his retirement last year, had nearly half a million left over. Both of these legislators spent their money on charitable or political donations and office supplies.

Less admirable is Republican Sen. Troy Fraser, who has used his campaign money to fly to Hawaii, Colorado, California, South Carolina, and Paris, France. Fraser also uses his private plane to fly around the state. He has reported spending nearly $70,000 at two private airports.

No law prohibits lawmakers from spending their campaign cash on the way out the door.