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A Fringe Theology Gains Power in Texas

Patrick Michels
Texas Observer

There’s a major movement afoot in American politics, notes The Texas Observer, but it’s seldom mentioned by name. It’s known as dominion theology, or dominionism, and Texas is one of it’s main strongholds. It began as a fringe evangelical sect in the 1970s, but now dominion theology has grown to reach the highest levels of power in the Lone Star State. Dominionism fundamentally opposes the separation of church and state.

In fact, dominionists claim the founders never intended such a separation. Adherents like Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick believe Christians have a biblical mandate to control government until the second coming of Jesus. Texas officials like Ted Cruz and Rick Perry have also been linked to the movement.

The Observer insisted that government officials have a duty to uphold the Constitution. They’re obliged to serve all the people, not just members of their own religion.