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Brexit Vote Spawns a Hashtag--and Renews a Movement--in Texas

Laura Buckman
New York Times

A fringe group in Texas that would like to see a similar exit vote in the aftermath of the British decision to leave the EU, and now the story has reached the pages of The New York Times.

The movement has spawned a popular #texit hashtag. One man, Larry Scott Kilgore, has even changed his middle name to “Secede.” Larry Secede Kilgore plans to run for governor in 2018. He explained the sentiments of his fellow Texiters (Texitans?): “I think the people of Texas will look at [Brexit] and say: ‘Man, we can have freedom; we can make our own decisions. We don’t have to have the U.S. empire tell us what to do.’”

The Texas Nationalist Movement has gathered more than 250,000 pledged votes in favor of secession.