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Texas Attorney General Dines With Transgender Third-Grader

Denton Record-Chronicle

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and his wife accepted an invitation to dinner last week at the home of a third-grade transgender boy.

Amber and Adam Briggle of Denton invited Paxton and his wife, Angela, to spend a little time with them and their transgender son MG last week, to put a face on transgender issues.

As The Denton Record Chronicle notes, Paxton is a conservative Republican who has often opposed expanding civil rights for gay and transgender people.

“Honestly, it was a very pleasant evening,” Amber Briggle said.

Beginning when he was two, her son MG tried to tell his parents he was a boy even though he was born a girl. He came out as male in the first grade. The family has faced challenges trying to make their son feel safe going to the bathroom at school. The Briggles said they wanted to show the Paxtons that they’re an ordinary Texas family.