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Texas Nationalist Attends Kremlin-Funded Summit in Moscow

ABC News

A representative of the Texas separatist movement recently visited Moscow to attend a conference funded by the Kremlin, reports ABC News.

Nate Smith is the executive director of the Texas Nationalist Movement. On Sunday he joined other separatists from around the world at the Ritz Hotel in central Moscow. Smith was joined at the conference by Catalonian separatists and dissident Irish republicans, as well as east Ukrainian rebels and Azerbaijani minorities.

The conference was shot through with anti-American sentiment. After one 30-minute denunciation of American economic inequality, Smith said, “It’s kind of awkward I guess.” Few of the attendees were willing to hazard a guess as to why the Kremlin paid to have the separatists gather in Moscow. Smith is hoping for a Donald Trump victory in the U.S. presidential elections. He believes a Trump win will bring a surge of people looking to detach themselves from America.