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Is Colorado the Next Blue State?

Vic Vela

As this election season geared up, there was much talk of Colorado as “a battleground” and a “purple state” and “contested territory.” But,as CNN reports,Colorado may actually be America’s newest blue state.

Hillary Clinton has maintained a steady lead in Colorado polls. In fact, her campaign is so confident they’ll win in the Centennial State that they ceased running ads back in July.

By demographic standards, Colorado’s journey from red to purple to blue has been swift. The state was a bastion of conservatism for decades, only voting for Democratic presidential candidates twice between 1952 and 2004. Then Barack Obama turned Colorado into contested territory in 2008. If Hillary Clinton wins Colorado, it will be the third consecutive presidential election where the state has gone blue.

So, what changed? Traditionally democratic demographics have been moving to the state in droves. These include millennials, Latinos and people with college degrees.