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Texas Secessionists Believe a Clinton Presidency Will Boost Their Efforts


Many Texas secessionists believe a Hillary Clinton presidency could speed the state’s movement toward a separation from the United States, The Houston Chronicle reports.

In the wake of England’s “Brexit” from the European Union, Texas Nationalists have experienced a surge in interest for their own so-called “Texit.”

Secessionist leader Ryan Thorson recently gave an interview to an Australian newspaper, in which he said his group just wants Texans to vote on the issue. “We do not want a civil war,” he said. “We want a referendum.” He said his group is positive that if a vote were held on the issue, Texans would decide to leave.  

Retired Air Force Lt. Col. Steve Baysinger, another secessionist, agrees. “I think that Texas will speed up its move towards independence exponentially,” Baysinger said.