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Kansas lawmaker expected to propose legislation to legalize marijuana in Kansas

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A Kansas lawmaker is expected to introduce two marijuana-related bills this year – one allowing for the medicinal use of marijuana and the other to legalize recreational use.

As The Hutch News reports, Senator David Haley, D-Kansas City, plans to introduce a medical use bill that would be similar to Colorado’s, making cannabis available through script or written recommendation and another bill to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

Haley used Colorado as an example when pointing out the effect legalization of marijuana could have on the state budget.

According to the Washington Post, recreational marijuana brought in $129 million in taxes in Colorado and $220 million in Washington.

Haley is optimistic of the bill’s chances given that the Kansas Legislature became more moderate following November's election

According to the Kansas Secretary of State’s office, Kansas does not have statewide statutory initiative. State laws and constitutional amendments are not proposed or adopted by petition as they are in some states; therefore, there would not be a public vote on legalization of medical or recreational marijuana use.