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Trump budget expected to aid military but hurt rural regions

Stephen Crowley
The New York Times

President Trump unveiled his proposed budget last week, and some parts of America, like military centers, look to be big winners. But other areas, including rural regions that supported the President during his election last year, will be hit hard if the budget is passed.

As The New York Times reports, under the Trump proposal rural areas would lose grants and loans to build water facilities, and after-school and summer programs would be gutted. While the budget seems to favor law enforcement and prisons, virtually all other areas of domestic spending would see cuts.

Other areas important to rural Americans that would be hobbled include long-distance train travel, hazardous waste clean-up programs, and agencies tasked with promoting economic development in the poorest regions of the U.S.

Despite the massive cuts to domestic spending, the budget would add hundreds of billions of dollars to the national debt due to the immense defense expenditures.