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After Surprise Budget Vetoes, Oklahoma Gov. Fallin Says She Will Call Another Special Session

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The recent Oklahoma special legislative session ended with a shocking turn of events earlier this month, when Governor Mary Fallin vetoed much of the budget bill the state legislature had devised.

Fallin herself had called the special session. The two-month long convening of lawmakers looked to be on the path to success when Fallin took out her red pen.

The move dismayed GOP leaders, who said Fallin had indicated to them that she would support the proposal. So now, what’s next for Oklahoma? 

As Oklahoma Watch reports, Fallin has suggested that she will call another special session to spur lawmakers toward finding different solutions for plugging the state’s massive budget gap. Fallin explained her vetoes by saying she disapproved of the way legislators had turned to the state’s dwindling reserve funds to ease budget woes.

It’s estimated that a special session costs Oklahoma taxpayers around $30,000 per day.