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Oklahoma Legislators Continue to Challenge Evolution in the Classroom

Wikimedia Commons

Another year brings another attempt to get evolution out of the classroom in Oklahoma, reports Slate’s education blog. State Sen. Josh Brecheen has been working tirelessly to promote creationism. Every year since his election in 2010, Brecheen has authored legislation aimed at skirting nearly three decades of court decisions that prohibit teaching creationism in public schools.

Brecheen’s anti-evolution bills have repeatedly died before becoming law. So now he has taken to adopting more subtle tactics. This year he did not advance an outright endorsement of creationism. Instead, he says teachers should: “help students . . . critique and review . . . the scientific strengths and weaknesses of existing scientific theories.” This language would essentially allow teachers to teach creationism.

Meanwhile, in the state’s House, Sally Kern has proposed a similar bill challenging evolution in the classroom.