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Atheists Stir Things Up in Rural Colorado


Atheists in rural Colorado are pushing back against Christians, who recently made Bibles available for free to local middle and high school students by leaving them on tables designated for pamphlet and book giveaways. In response, the atheists left Satanic activity books on the tables. They also left pamphlets discussing topics like sex in the Bible and problems with the Ten Commandments, according to The Rural Blog.

The ploy resulted in “a fight between Delta County schools and critics over whether it should continue to let everyone from Little League organizers to the Gideons distribute literature in schools,” reports the Associated Press. A Delta County parent objected to the Christian materials being given out, and said students who didn't take the pamphlets were bullied. In response, the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation decided to shake things up a bit by handing out their own style of pamphlets. And they succeeded.