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Lobbyists Move to Stop Colorado Single-Payer Health Care Effort


A campaign recently began in Colorado to initiate the nation’s first single-payer health-care program. The proposal would provide universal coverage and replace insurance premiums with higher taxes. But almost before the effort had even begun, lobbying groups started raising money to defeat it.

The opposing groups represent major for-profit health care interests in Colorado, including hospitals and insurance companies. The proposal, known as Amendment 69, will be presented to voters this November, reports The Intercept.

The plan would involve raising $25 billion a year from a mix of employer payroll taxes, a 3 percent tax on employee gross pay, and a new tax on self-employed net income. The new health-care system would cover all costs for health and dental care, for every Colorado citizen. The plan’s proponents say it would save the state $4.5 billion a year.