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What You Need to Know About Colorado's Universal Health Care Proposal

Brennan Linsley
AP photo

In November, Colorado voters will decide on Amendment 69, which would institute a statewide health care system in the Centennial State.

The Denver Post has published a helpful overview of what voters need to know about the proposed amendment. The measure would create a universal system for financing and administering health care for Colorado residents. Everyone would pitch in on taxes, and all state residents would be eligible for health care. For those who already have plans in place, the new program would simply be a supplement.

Supporters say many residents are left uninsured or unable to deal with high deductibles under the current state of affairs. They say the current system of private, profit-motivated corporations leads to higher costs.

However, opponents say the new taxes would be burdensome and harmful to the economy. Critics also wonder whether an influx of people to the state seeking health care would overburden the system.