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Oklahoma Among Top Ten States for Gun Violence

Rural Blog

Oklahoma is among the top ten in states with the most per capita gun violence, according to a new study by the Center for American Progress.

The state was tied with Montana for ninth on the list. As The Rural Blog notes, five of the top ten states were in the American South, while states in New England have some of the lowest gun-violence rates. All of the top ten states with the most gun violence are traditionally “red” states with electorates that favor looser gun restrictions. Louisiana and Alaska have the most gun violence, according to the study, while Massachusetts and Hawaii have thea least. A resident of Louisiana is more than five times more likely to be killed by a gun than a resident of Hawaii. Kansas was also in the top 20 states, while Texas and Colorado fell in the middle.

The study ranked stats according to several factors, including gun deaths; gun suicides; gun homicides; fatal gun accidents; mass shootings; gun homicides of women by intimate partners; gun deaths among people younger than age 21; law-enforcement officers feloniously killed with a firearm; fatal shootings by police; and crime-gun export rates.