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Oklahoma Hunters Should Watch Out for "Rabbit Fever"


Oklahoma hunters are being warned to watch out for “rabbit fever,” reports KFOR.

Officials say the bacterial infection could spread across the Sooner State in coming weeks. According to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife, there have been two recent confirmed cases of “rabbit fever”—also known as tularemia, as well as several more suspected cases.

Health experts say rabbit fever can be passed from animals to pets and people. It’s usually spread through flea and tick bites, or through contact with an infected animal. It can also be contracted by inhaling or drinking contaminated water. It usually affects rabbits, hares, muskrats and beavers.

Hunters are urged to stay away from rabbits that are acting strange or lethargic. Wear rubber or latex gloves when handling any wild game, and cook wild game meat thoroughly. Lastly, wear tick repellant, and don’t drink water directly from lakes or streams.