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Vegans Find A Way To Thrive In Cattle Country

Tony Webster
CC0 Creative Commons

Vegans are finding new ways to survive—and thrive—in the Texas Panhandle, a land traditionally celebrated for its beef production.

Amarillo is, after all, the city that sued Oprah Winfrey in the 1990s for badmouthing hamburgers. Yet a small but mighty group of vegans is learning to make the city meet its needs.

Vegan Foodies Amarillo has an active Facebook group, with members posting helpful tips several times a day. The group’s founder, Jenny Stalter, says life was lonely for a vegan in the Panhandle before she started the group. But now Vegan Foodies has almost 400 members, who are constantly trading recipes and recommending vegan-friendly restaurants. The group meets several times a year, and plans to start holding monthly potlucks.

Stalter says anyone in the group “will tell you they have to go to four different grocery stores when they shop, so it helps that we can all be in touch about where to get what.”

You can find Vegan Foodies Amarillo by searching them on Facebook.