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Texas, Kansas Top List Of Best States For Driving


The personal finance website Wallethub has released a listof the best and worst states for driving, and High Plains Public Radio states took the top three spots on the list.

To come up with their list, Wallethub compared states according to 23 key metrics, including average gas prices, share of rush-hour traffic congestion, and road quality.

Texas was found to be the best state in America to drive in, while Kansas was ranked second and Nebraska third. Oklahoma also performed well on the list, landing at number 14.

Among HPPR states, only Colorado didn’t make the top half of states; the Centennial State landed at number 32 on the list. Washington State and Hawaii were found to be the worst states for driving.

Texas performed especially well in terms of the availability of automobiles and maintenance shops, while Kansas ranked second nationwide for traffic and infrastructure.

Source: WalletHub