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Amarillo Fire Department Finalizes Plan To Combat Wildfires


The Amarillo Fire Department has announced its new plan to combat wildfires.

As The Amarillo Globe-News reports, the plan was announced at the city council meeting this week.

Fire officials say the Community Wildfire Protection Plan greatly enhances efforts to reduce wildfire risk while also saving lives and protecting homes and other property.

The plan encompasses everything within the Amarillo city limits, all the way out to the five-mile territorial jurisdiction. To prepare the procedures, fire experts evaluated the wildfire hazard in and around the Amarillo community, rating it and assigning target areas that need work in order to improve safety in the community.

During the research phase, the Amarillo Fire Department recognized 204 different communities and 13,000 homes that are either in high or extreme danger of a wildfire.

At the project’s completion, AFD was commended by the Texas A&M Forest Service for its hard work.