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Where Do HPPR States Rank When It Comes To At-Risk Youth?


The personal finance website Wallethub has compiled a list of the states with the highest and lowest percentages of at-risk youth.

Among states in HPPR's listening area, only Oklahoma fell within the top 10.

The Sooner State was found to have the ninth most at-risk youth in the U.S. All other HPPR states fell within the bottom half of the list. Colorado landed at number 27, while Nebraska was at 33 and Texas at number 39. Kansas fell within the bottom 10, at number 41.

To reach their findings, Wallethub judged states on 15 key metrics of at-risk youth, including the labor force participation rate among youth and the youth poverty rate.

Louisiana was found to have the highest rate of at-risk youth, while New Jersey had the lowest.