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Thirteen New Cases Of COVID-19 Confirmed In Kansas


Thirteen new cases of COVID-19 in Kansas were confirmed by state health officials on Thursday. That bring the state's total to 34, including one death in Kansas City, Kan.  

A 52-year-old Cherokee County man tested positive on Wednesday, marking the first case in the southeast corner of the state.

Sheriff David Groves says the man had not recently traveled.

“The symptoms that the person is experiencing at this point are not significant to the degree where he is needing hospitalization, so he is quarantined at home,” Crowley said.

The state also issued mandatory 14-day quarantines for anyone who has traveled recently to a handful of Colorado counties or New York, Florida, Washington state or California … where the virus has hit hardest.

Corinne Boyer covers western Kansas for High Plains Public Radio and the Kansas News Service. You can follow her on Twitter @Corinne_boyer or email cboyer (at) hppr (dot) org.

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