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Parents Of Colorado Toddler Warning Others To Childproof Washing Machines

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A Colorado couple is warning other parents after their 3-year-old was locked in a washing machine filling with water.

As The Washington Post reports, Alan and Lindsey McIver’s 2-year-old daughter Kloe was locked inside a washing machine last week. It is believed that the toddler crawled inside and then her 4-year-old brother Jace shut the door.

The McIvers rushed to the washer where they saw Kloe tumbling around as water poured in around her. The door was locked so Alan began pushing buttons and was eventually able to open the door. Kloe sustained a few small bumps and wet clothes but was otherwise ok.

Lindsey shared a post about the incident on Facebook that has been shared over 300,000 times to alert others to the danger. She said the child lock setting on her washer doesn’t keep the door from opening so children can get stuck inside.

She said it’s important that parents take other precautions like locking laundry room doors or child-proofing washer doors.