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Lack Of Transparency Surrounds Death Of GCCC Football Player

The narrow alley near the dorms where Braeden Bradforth collapsed after a conditioning practice at Garden City Community College in August.

The lawyer for the family of a New Jersey teen who died after football practice at Garden City Community College says the school continues its lack of transparency about his death. 

Nineteen-year-old Braeden Bradforth died of exertional heat stroke last August after a grueling conditioning practice where players were denied water. 

The Jersey Shore teen died just two days after arriving in Garden City. 

Credit Courtesy / The Bradforth family
Braeden Bradforth in is Neptune High School football jersey.

The family’s lawyer, Jill Greene, asked for surveillance video from the night Bradforth died.  But, she says, the college told her it’s been recorded over. 

“A child died on your premises. Wouldn’t it behoove you to get that footage and make sure that it’s kept in a safe place.”

The college says it only keeps exterior video for 14 days. 

Garden City Community College conducted an internal review of Bradforth’s death but has not made it public and has denied KCUR’s open records request.