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If They Were Good Enough for Lewis and Clark...

Did you know that air rifles have been around since the Fifteenth Century? The Lewis  and Clark Expedition might have failed had it not been for an air rifle! That's right the expedition had only one air rifle but it was capable of shooting multiple shots and shooting them very accurately. The Native Americans encountered  along the way were usually given a demonstration of the 'silent and deadly' big bore rifle. When they saw tight groups shot at extended yardages, from a weapon that was almost as silent as their bows, they were awe struck.
While most folks today think of air rifles as little pea shooters that are good for small game and target shooting, rifle maker Terry Tate, Luke's guest for todays show, informs us that big bore air rifles are available today that cleanly harvest big game. Tate used one that he built to drop a 405 pound wild boar in it's tracks.

 Todays show will definitely change the way you think about air rifles! Tate says the sport of shooting and hunting with big bore air guns is on the brink of becoming hugely popular in the United States.  And when you stop to think about it, why wouldn't it be? What's not to like about a rifle that you don't have to buy 'shells' for and that is so quiet that it can be shot in safe shooting ranges at close proximity to others? 

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Outdoors writer, radio host and book author Luke Clayton has been addicted to everything outdoors related since his childhood when he grew up hunting and fishing in rural northeast Texas. Luke pens a weekly newspaper column that appears in over thirty newspapers.